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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Electrical Engineering projects in Power Systems--part4

PSCAD/EMTDC Simulation of Unified Series-Shunt Compensator for Power Quality Improvement 
Effects of Power Oscillations Damping Controllers by UPFC Using Different Fault Conditions 
Transient Stability Improvement of SMIB With Unified Power Flow Controller 
Control of Grid-interfacing Inverters with Integrated Voltage Unbalance Correction 
Three-Leg VSC and a Transformer Based Three-Phase Four-Wire DSTATCOM for Distribution Systems 
Modeling of a DSTATCOM with Ultra Capacitor Energy Storage for Power Distribution System Applications 
Control strategies for distribution static compensator for power quality improvement 
Optimization of PI Coefficients in DSTATCOM Nonlinear Controller for Regulating DC Voltage using Genetic Algorithm 
Operation and Control of Single Phase Micro Sources in a Utility Connected Grid 
Voltage Flicker Compensation using STATCOM 
A Novel Voltage-Boosting Converter with Passive Voltage Clamping 
Pulse Width Modulated Buck-Boost Five-Level Current Source Inverters 
Wound Rotor Induction Generator With Sensor less Control and Integrated Active Filter for Feeding Nonlinear Loads in a Stand-Alone Grid 
Optimum Control of Selective and Total Harmonic Distortion in Current and Voltage Under Non sinusoidal Conditions 
Filter based non-invasive control of chaos in Buck converter 
Voltage and Energy Utilization Enhancement in a Stand-alone WECS Using a Fuzzy Logic Controlled SPWM Converter Interface Scheme 
Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with PWM Control Method 
Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine wind Generation System 
ssss. Control of Three Phase, Four-Wire PWM Rectifier 
Switching losses and harmonic investigations in multilevel inverters 
Indirect Matrix Converter Based on Investigations of Field-oriented control for Induction Motor 
Two-stage Matrix Converter Used in Wind Power Generation System Application Research 
Development of a Grid “ Connected WIND/PV/BESS Hybrid Distributed Generation System 
Improvement of Voltage Stability and Reduce Power System Losses by Optimal GA based Allocation of Multi-type FACTS Devices 
Impacts of AC Generators and DSTATCOM Devices on the Dynamic Performance of Distribution Systems 
Digital Signal Controllers Improve Efficiency for Solar power Inverters 

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