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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Electrical Engineering projects in Power Systems--part5

Matlab/Simulink Implementation for Reducing the Motor Derating and Torque Pulsation of Induction Motor using Matrix Converter 
The Use of Matrix Converters in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines Simulink Implementation of Induction Machine Model “ A Modular Approach 
Analysis of Different Schemes of Matrix Converter with Maximum Voltage Conversion Ratio 
Power Flow Control with UPFC in Power Transmission System 
Analysis of a zero voltage switching Cuk converter 
Simulink model for economic analysis and environmental impact of a PV with diesel battery system for remote villages 
Analysis and modeling of unified power flow controller: Modification of Newton Raphson algorithm and user defined modeling approach power flow studies 
Wind driven self excited induction generator with voltage and frequency regulated by a reduced rating voltage source inverter 
A new fuzzy color correlated impulse noise reduction method 
Minimization of torque ripple in SRM drives 
A unified three phase transformer model for distribution load flow calculations 
Power flow control with UPFC in power transmission system 
Experiment on Fractional Frequency Transmission System 
A space Vector Modulation Scheme to Reduce Common Mode Voltage for Cascade Multilevel Inverters 
Analysis, Design and Implementation of modified single phase inverter 
Switching Frequency Imposition and Ripple Reduction in DTC Drives by Using Multilevel Converter 
Simultaneous Phase Balancing at Substations and Switches with Time-Varying Load Patterns 
Consideration of Input Parameter Uncertainties in Load Flow Solution of Three-Phase Unbalanced Radial Distribution System 
A Three-Phase Power Flow Method For Real-Time Distribution System Analysis 
novel Method of Load Compensation under Unbalanced and Distorted Voltages 
Development of Three-Phase Unbalanced Power Flow Using PV and PQ Models for Distributed Generation and Study of the Impact of DG Models 
Position Control Design Project (PD Controller “ Root “Locus Design) 
Application of Voltage- and Current- Controlled Voltage Source Inverters for Distributed Generation Systems 
Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System 
Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Based Damping Controllers for Damping Low Frequency Oscillations in a Power System 

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