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Sunday, 22 February 2015

AFCAT 2015 Key

Hey guys, I think you people have done great with your AFCAT today. Here I'm listing the key of General Knowledge. This key is according to me, I'm not sure if the answers are wrong but I have done thorough research. Hope this may be helpful.

1.Ebola free country by WHO-- Nigeria
2.Gold Medals in Asian Games 2014, by India--- 11
3.New Finance secretary of India --- Rajiv Mehrishi
4.India's first long range subsonic cruise missile -- Nirbaya
5.Study of cells--- Cytology
6.Number of vice presidents at the start of each regular sessio of UN-GA----- 21 (9 atleast)
7.Foreigner's to receive Bharat Ratna--- Mandela and Ghaffar Khan
8.C V Raman work for nobel -- -Scattering
9. Asian Development bank is at ----- Manila
10.K-15 is --- SLBM
11. India agreed to remain a member of advisory board of --- UNCCT
12. Kaziranga National Park--- One horned Rhino's
13. First Indian individual to win a medal in Olympics- KD Jadhav
14.1927 Congress President at Madras session- MA Ansari
15.Kalinga as turning point----Ashoka  became a zealous Bhuddist (This may be wrong)
16.Not a part of espionage by Kautilya---- Political Branch
17.Alauddin Khalji didn't build --- Jamaat Khana Masjid(built by his son)
18. Ruling dynasty in north while Alexander's invasion- Nanda
19.ICBM under development- Agni-VI
20.Most Valuable Person of 17th Asian Games-- Kosuke Hagino of Japan
21.Opposition party status -- 10% seats
22. A bend in the River -- nobel laureate VS Naipaul
23.Long walk to Freedom-- Nelson Mandela
24.Honorary rank of Group Captain by IAF-- sachin Tendulakar