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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Electrical Engineering projects in Power Systems--part6

Neural Network Based Predictive Control of a Heat exchanger Non Linear Process 
 Analysis of the impact of Distributed Generation of Automatic Reclosing 

Unbalanced Three-Phase Distribution System Load-Flow Studies Including Induction Machines 

Power Flow Control in a Distribution System Through an Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generator 
A simple Circuit-Oriented model for predicting six-phase induction machine performances 

Optimization of Network Configuration in Large Distribution Systems Using Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm 

Load Balancing for Distributed and Integrated Power Systems using Grid Computing 

A New Approach to Compensation of Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines 

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Hybrid Torque Control 

Improving the voltage dip immunity of converter-connected distributed generation units 

Electromagnetic Transients of a Micro-Turbine Based Distributed Generation System 

An Integrated Hybrid Power Supply for Distributed Generation applications Fed by Nonconventional Energy Sources 

An Energy adaptive MPPT power management for micro-power vibration energy harvesting 

Photovoltaic-Battery-Powered DC Bus System for Common Portable Electronic Devices 

A Fast and Accurate Maximum Power Point Tracker for PV Systems 

A Simplified Series-Parallel Structure for the Regulated Peak Power Tracking (RPPT) System 

Harmonic Mitigation in AC“DC Converters for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives 

A Matlab/Simulink Model Based on power system block set-A new Direct Torque Control Strategy for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive System 

Fuzzy Logic Control of a Switched Reluctance Motor 

Direct Torque Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Pulse Width Modulation using Fuzzy Logic

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