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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Electrical Engineering Projects in Power Systems - part 3

Control and Analysis of a Unified Power Flow Controller 
Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Based Unified Power Flow Controller 
Direct Power Control Strategies for Multilevel Inverter Based Custom Power Devices 
Switching Losses and Harmonic Investigations in Multilevel Inverters 
Modeling and Control of a Fuel Cell Based Z-Source Converter 
Fuzzy Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems 
Intelligent Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems 
Modeling and Control of Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation Systems in a Standalone AC Power Supply 
A Low-Cost Inverter for Domestic Fuel Cell Applications 
Analysis and Design Considerations of Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current Switching (ZVZCS) Full-Bridge PWM Converters 
A Fast Space-Vector Modulation Algorithm for Multilevel Three-Phase Converters 
Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Three-phase Shunt Active Filter for Line Harmonics Reduction 
A Fuzzy-Controlled Active Front-End Rectifier with Current Harmonic Filtering Characteristics and Minimum Sensing Variables 
Model of Photovoltaic Module in MATLAB 
Power Quality Improvement Using DVR 
The use of Facts devices in disturbed Power Systems-Modeling, Interface, and Case Study 
A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracker for PV Panels Using Switching Frequency Modulation 
Single Phase Power Factor Correction: A Survey 
Modified SVPWM Algorithm for Three Levels VSI With Synchronized and Symmetrical Waveforms 
A Closed Loop Observer for Rotor Flux Estimation in Induction Machines 
Fuzzy Logic Speed Control of a DC Motor 
A New Topology for Unipolar Brushless DC Motor Drive with High Power Factor 
The Discontinuous Conduction Mode Sepic and Cuk Power Factor Preregulators: Analysis and Design 
Development of Low Cost Multi Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors with Unipolar Current Excitations 
Direct Torque Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor Using Space Vector Modulation with Harmonics Elimination and Optimal Switching Sequence 
Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line 

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