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Friday, 7 March 2014

How to help a victim of electric shock

The first thing you must do is disconnect the power supply. Don’t even touch the victim until you are sure that the power supply is turned off. Be especially careful in wet areas, such as bathrooms, as water conducts electricity. It may be safer to turn off the electricity supply to the building if possible to be absolutely sure.

First aid for electrical shock includes:
Check for a person’s response and breathing. It may be necessary to commence cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Call 108 for an ambulance. If you are unsure of resuscitation techniques, the ambulance call-taker will give you easy-to-follow instructions over the telephone, so you can increase the person’s chances of survival until the ambulance arrives.
If their breathing is steady and they are responsive, attend to their injuries. Cool the burns with cool running water for 20 minutes and cover with dressings, if available, that won’t stick. Simple cling wrap found in most kitchens is very suitable to cover burns as long as it is not applied tightly. Never put ointments or oils onto burns. If the person has fallen from a height, try not to move them unnecessarily in case they have spinal injuries. Only move them if there is a chance of further danger from the environment (such as falling objects).
Talk calmly and reassuringly to the person.

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