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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Electrical Engineering projects in Power Systems--part1

Programmable active power factor improvement scheme for single phase switch mode boost rectifiers 
svpwm techniques and applications in hts pmsm machines control 
space vector pulse width modulation of three level inverter extending operation into over modulation region 
 impact of reactive power in power evacuation from wind turbines 
transient fault response of grid connected wind electric generators 
pmsm speed sensor less direct torque control based on ekf 
zbus transmission network cost allocation 
electromagnetic interference with electronic apparatus by switching surges in gis “ cable system 
predictive valley current control for two inductor boost converter 
a modular fuel cell, modular dc“dc converter concept for high performance and enhanced reliability 
a simple control scheme for single-phase shunt active power filter with fuzzy logic based dc bus voltage controller 
a 24-pulse ac-dc converter employing a pulse doubling technique for vector controlled induction motor drives 
modeling of three levels converters used in electric traction 
harmonic current reduction in railway system 
second order sliding mode for traction control in ride-by-wire sport motorcycles 
a modular strategy for control and voltage balancing of cascaded h-bridge rectifiers 

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