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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

mini projects for electrical and electronics (EEE), ECE

here I'm presenting some of the titles for the mini projects for eee and ece students . look over them

Electrical and Electronics Mini Projects
1.   AC Motor Speed Control Using Power TRIAC With Display Unit
2.   Automatic Room Light Controller With Visitor Counter
3.   Automatic college bell
4.   Automatic plant irrigation
5.   Automatic Power Factor Corrector Using Capacitive Load Bank Project Report
6.   Chopper Based  DC Motor Speed Control
7.   Controlling Of Incandescent Bulbs Intensity By Using Microcontroller
8.   Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control To Save Energy
9.   Design Of Digital Energy Meter
10.                Digital Frequency Meter
11.                Microcontroller Based Advanced Automatic City Street Light Controller
12.                Microcontroller Based Power Theft Identification
13.                Microcontroller Based Automation Of Drip Irrigation System Project
14.                Modeling And Simulation Of Speed Of A Doubly Fed Induction Motor
15.                Pc Based Dc Motor Speed Control Using PWM
16.                Power Saving Iron Box
17.                Project Report On Microcontroller Based Dc Motor Speed Controller
18.                Project Report On Real Time Operation Of Circuit Breakers
19.                Project Report On Transformer Overload Alert
20.                Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier
21.                Speed Control Of Dc Motor By Using PWM Technique EEE Project
22.                Transformer Over Load Alert Through Voice Announcement
23.                Blown Fuse Indicator
24.                Call Bell
25.                Cell Phone Detector
26.                Dc Motor Controller
27.                Digital Voltmeter
28.                Fuse monitor
You can simply have the above circuit sketch and explanation within low price. The total circuit can also be obtained on order. For further details contact sravan.kumar916@gmail.com

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