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Saturday, 7 January 2012


ndia's largest science and technology festival organized by the CBIT student ommunity.HEADSTART is well known for its innovativeness and lucrative cash prizes. HEADSTART2012 can rightly be termed as the juncture where skills meet substance.

Day after day, the world sings the same song of technology-about how it has revolutionized the way we interpret every happening everywhere in the universe, whether visible or not. This song has become an anthem now. The year 2003 saw the inception of an effort to catch up with the future. The start of ‘Headstart’ at the CSE department CBIT, Hyderabad. This year we are again on the mission of finding more solutions to the everyday challenges posed by the IT world around us. With renewed energy, fresh spirits and charged minds we are indeed ready to break new Frontiers! 

The department of CSE proudly announces HEADSTART ’12, a students’ technical meet on 24th and 25th January 2012 to be organized. In addition to the formal events like paper, Software, Hardware presentation contests, informal events like Quiz, Extempore and Network Games and other literary events are planned. Eminent personalities from Academics, IEEE and the industry will also be a part of this event. 

Paper presentation
Software Exhibis
Technical Quiz
C Star
Lan Gaming
sCrew it!
Brain Blitz

Website: http://headstart12.in/ 

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